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Friday 19 July 2013

Why shop @ Calla Store?

Our Facebook integrated online store is finally open!

Calla Store has come a long way since it was established not very long ago, and we are very excited with this latest development of Facebook integrated store into our page, or we called it Facebook Store

Why Facebook Store? We observed that most of the online shopping sites require their first time visitors to go through a one time off registration of a new account. Imagine if you are subscribed to a dozen online shopping sites, you need to do this 12 times!

In addition, online shopping via FB creates a 'social-centric' (sociocentric) experience for our dearest customers. We are able to see what ID has made the purchase. Hence, we know who you are in FB and able to directly contact you. It is as if you are buying from a FB friend. Fear not though, we will respect your privacy. ;-)

By holding steadfast in the idea of hassle free shopping experience, we scratched off the conventional online store concept that you and I are familiar with, and build a socially-oriented integrated online store in Facebook so that you can shop with us using your Facebook ID and no registration required. Just click and buy. Best of all, it's accessible from this blog too. Check out the "Online Shop" link above, or click here.

So, do like our page to show your support and start shopping with us!

Feel free to drop a message to us via comments below or message us via Facebook on your thoughts and we will definitely take them into consideration for improvement.

Calla Store

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Announcement: Flat shipping rate nationwide

Hei peeps, we are glad to announce our new FLAT SHIPPING RATE NATIONWIDE policy. 

Regardless of how many pieces you purchased, or anywhere you want us to post to (LIMITED to Malaysia address only, inclusive Sabah and Sarawak), we only charge you a fixed rate

Any amount above the posted fixed rate will be subsidized by us. 

Isn't that cool? So, what are you waiting for? Do come and visit our Facebook page and feel free to browse around our collections.

Calla Store

Saturday 23 February 2013

Hair Chalk

To order, click more

1 for RM4
3 for RM 10
18 for RM 50 (one set)

CS01 - Light Green
CS02 - Terquoise
CS03 - Deep Green
CS04 - Phthalo Blue
CS05 - Cobalt Blue
CS06 - Ultramarine Velvet
CS07 - Dark Brown
CS08 - Gray
CS09 - Black
CS10 - White
CS11 - Yellow Ochre
CS12 - Yellow Light
CS13 - Yellow Deep
CS14 - Peach
CS15 - Light Red
CS16 - Chrmine
CS17 - Red
CS18 - Sienna

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Hair Chalking

Calla Store is now releasing the trending Hair Chalk!
You can color your hair any color, anywhere, anytime you want!

How to use a Hair Chalk?

Few easy steps...
1- Choose your Hair Chalk color
2- Wet your hair with water
3- Start coloring!
4- Let it dry / Blow dry it , DONE!

Easy and simple!